het still, 2003

Understood as a basic study of visuality in poetry, het still allows readers to combine words by choosing ones own reading direction. The book’s title is a creation of the Norwegian word for silence: «stillhet».


With this book I intended to create new words by manually constructing a language system to designate and describe (new) phenomena without a name. Even if the book`s title is Norwegian, this language research generated multi-lingual words but also words that may, or may not exist in any language or dialect.

smerte hjerte, 2005

This chapbook is a playful visual poem based on the phonetic similarity of the Norwegian words for pain (smerte) and heart (hjerte), that is similar to the German Schmerz and Herz, and which rhymes as well.

y (gul poesi), 2005

A chapbook of concrete poetry based and played on the constructed word (sound) «blyse».

paraplydiktet, 2005

a funny story about a little y that gets wet in the rain and by becoming stronger turns into an umbrella.

telefonkatalogdiktet, 2006

Visually exposed concrete poetry based on ca. 1100 family names found and selected from the printed telephone-book of Oslo from 2004.

when (the book), 2013

This book is made as a complete catalogue for the exhibition in the gallery norske grafikere in Oslo 2013. Because the film when was part of the exhibition, the book also includes letter carpets from the film.