het still, 2003


The book het still contains forty-four poems, each composed of four words in Norwegian. Each word was put in one of the corners on the square page (18x18cm), many of them with a language-sound in common. I have decided for a random word-selection, so there was no system according to where most of the different words should be located on the page. As it is printed, the position of the words forces readers to “walk” around with ones eyes on the page, but also gives freedom to choose the direction and order of reading the words. Any route however would not result in a clear sentence. The books title is a creation of the Norwegian word for silence: “stillhet”. I regard the book as a basic study of the relation between words and space, which turned out to be a powerful and inspiring start for my first concrete poetry project after a long pause. One of the print publishers I consulted in a letter commented that this ”sixties-project” was interesting, but that the timing was “a little too early” for this kind of books.