This work is based on slogans and song-titles from different countries known from the end of the Sixties, presented in their original language, intentionally without translation. In the video, texts are combined with photographs of sculptures from the Vigeland Park in Oslo/Norway.

mooon, (2015)

This video may be seen as a research for documenting water on the mooon(!).

LYMS, 2009

LYMS is my first video-work and includes lettercarpets, sound, and b/w photographies.

when, 2011

b/w photography meets yellow text. for this video, letter-carpets are made from well known songs or films that are layered on photographs showing rotten cars that tell a story about life and death.

natyr, 2013

The work ‘natyr’ (may not exist in any language) is based on a painting by Knut Rumohr inspired by the nature on the west coast of Norway. Parts of the painting are exposed in combination with yellow letters and a piano improvisation by Ormstad.

het still, 2003

This is an animation of my first book het still. The animation was created and published by artist Marko Niemi in the Finnish web-magazine Nokturno. Understood as a basic study of visuality in poetry, het still allows readers to combine words by choosing ones own direction of reading.

svevedikt, 2006

This animation is inspired by how i made concrete poetry in Norwegian in the sixties. Forming words through time, single letters are animated and exposed visually on the screen.