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ESSAY in the German Magazine poetry film kanal titled ‘Playing with letters and fonts’

Karen Wagner presenting Ottar Ormstad on the Website afsnitp.dk in 2006 in Danish

UbuWeb-editor Derek Beaulieu on ‘bokstavteppekatalogen’

The editor of visual poetry in UBUWeb, Derek Beaulieu, wrote this in his blog Abstract Language #2 010911:

ottar ormstad’s bokstavteppekatalogen (gallery briskeby, 2007) is a real triumph. ormstad has a style which is very traditional, and would not be out of place in some of the classic anthologies of concrete poetry like Solt’s 1968 volume Concrete Poetry: A World View. Despite this traditional style, ormstad’s work uses Indesign to breathe fresh life into this clean form. ormstad’s 24-page collection which varies from lyrical abstractions to beautifully rippling Op Art canvases which undulate in way reminiscent Victor Vasarely’s work. By manipulating the kerning of blocks of texts almost imperceptively, ormstad uses letters to create the appearance of movement. ormstad’s work is difficult to locate, but is worth the effort as bokstaveteppekatalogen exemplifies a simplicity rarely exhibited.

Ottar Ormstad on UbuWeb

Conference Presentation by Patricia Tomaszek:
“Animated Concrete Poetry Between Stillness and Motion – a Close-Up on Ottar Ormstad’s Oeuvre of Works”

Master-thesis by Melissa Lucas, Seattle (with a chapter on “svevedikt”)

Scott Rettberg
Electronic Literature (in Performance):
A Report from the 2008 Electronic Literature in Europe Conference

short-form scholarship on born-digital poetry and poetics

Interview, Oslo Screen Festival

Ottar Ormstad: a yellow y in motion
Presentation in Bergen Library 2014 (Digital Arena)
introduced by Judd Morrissey