OTTARAS is invited to the OTHER MINDS sound poetry festival in San Francisco in April 9th-15th. The OTTARAS performance will be on Thursday the 12th.

LETTERPRESS: Participating in the NORDIC LETTERPRESS COLLABORATION                            Several exhibitions in The Nordic countries, USA and England in 2018

Participating in the exhibition of Imi Maufe in Edinburgh Printmakers (Jan-April 2018)

YELLOWFLOWERPOWER (2017) and ‘mooon‘ (2015) screened in the CYCLOP-festival in Kiev dec. 2017, mooon also screened in the 30th Festival Les Instants Vidéo in Buenos Aires

Screenings in OSLO POESIFILM – Festival for Digital and Visual Poetry, 1.-2. september 2017: mooon (2015) and YELLOWFLOWERPOWER (2017)

ESSAY in the German Magazine poetry film kanal titled ‘Playing with letters and fonts’, also in a printed version of the magazine

OTTARAS performed in The Conference and Festival of the Electronic Literature Organization in PORTO July 2017 The film YELLOWFLOWERPOWER (2017) was additionally screened in the classic cinema Passos Manuel

Present at the screening of YELLOWFLOWERPOWER in the Experimental Film Festival ‘Images contre nature’ in Marseille, 2017

Screenings of OTTARAS: LONG RONG SONG in 2017: Zebra Poetry Film Club, Berlin, Short Waves Festival, Poznan, Copenhagen Short Film Festival at the Cinematek,  the 5. Long Night of the Film Festivals in Berlin (Zukunft am Ostkreuz), The Poetry Festival MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ, Ukraine and The Fifth leg – Festival of videopoetry in Saint Petersburg in December 2017.

Traverse Video Festival (20 years anniversary) screened ‘mooon’ (2015) and ‘when’ (2011, ELC3) on buildings in Toulouse and other cities 2017. Present at the screening on the wall of the Goethe Institute in Toulouse March 9th.


The soundtracks of LONG RONG SONG, NAVN NOME NAME & KAKAOASE (1) can be downloaded:

OTTARAS in Hyperrhiz

when‘ (2011) presented in the third collection (ELC3) of the electronic literature collection (2016), edited by scholars and artists of the Electronic Literature Organization.